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In Cheol Bang Interdisciplinary School of Green Energy
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About Professor

 Welcome to UNIST Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics Lab UNTHL "미래 원자력 시스템 설계 및 안전" 연구비전: 지속발전 가능한 미래 원자력 시스템 개발의 리더   연구방향 I. 신개념 혁신원자로 설계 – “고유안전 피동경수로, Inherently Safe, P..

  • tel+82-52-217-2915
  • emailicbang@unist.ac.kr

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By 방인철2012-08-19

Homepage changed!!



(In Cheol Bang)


기계 및 원자력 공학부


Thermal-Hydraulic Design of Nuclear and Energy Systems, Nanofluids Science and Technology

Tel 2915
Office 102동 401-8
Lab 102동 602


Curriculum Vitae


2013~present: Associate Professor, UNIST

2009~2012: Assistant Professor, UNIST
2007~2009: Assistant Professor , Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
2005~2007: Postdoc. MIT (USA)
2004~2005: Postdoc. KAIST
2004: Ph. D. Nuclear & Quantum Engineering, KAIST
2000: M. S. Nuclear & Quantum Engineering, KAIST
1998: B. S. Nuclear & Quantum Engineering, KAIST



Named an author with one of the most cited paper in 2002~2005, Int. J of Heat and Mass Transfer, Elsevier.
2009- :Marquis Who’s Who in the World
1998-:Member of Korean Nuclear Society
2006-:American Nuclear Society
2008 : Atomic Energy Society of Japan
User of High Temperature Materials Lab in Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) (USA, 2006)
User of Center for Nanoscale System (CNS) in Harvard University (USA, 2006)


Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics Lab.

The lab supports  to fill important needs for more thorough treatments of the processes of energy (heat) generation in nuclear processes, the transport of that energy by the reactor coolant to the power cycle, and the limitations imposed by the transport mechanism on the design of nuclear reactor. The research is focused on the development of nanofluids for enhanced heat transfer in nuclear fission and fusion systems, and the study of fundamental thermal-hydraulic phenomena ultimately related to nuclear safety and economics.  The lab is also interested in development of advanced engineered features for nuclear safety  systems based on nanofluids and liquid-metal coolants. The works are engaged in both analytical and experimental research and development (R&D).


Research Interests
1. Design of advanced nuclear systems and multi-energy hybrid systems
2. Design of advanced nuclear safety systems and engineered features
3. Development for Critical Heat Flux enhancement techniques
4. Development of nuclear UO2-nanomaterials composite fuel with higher thermal     conductivity
5. Development of real-time virtual reactor by improving nuclear thermal-hydraulics


Research Publications (selected)
1. S.Chun, I.C. Bang, Y. Choo, C. Song, “Heat transfer characteristics of Si and SiC nanofluids during a rapid quenching and nanoparticles deposition effects”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 54, Issues 5-6, 2011, Pages 1217-1223
2. S.W. Lee, S.D. Park, S. Kang, I.C. Bang, J.H. Kim, “Investigation of viscosity and thermal conductivity of SiC nanofluids for heat transfer applications”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 54, Issues 1-3, 15, 2011, Pages 433-438,
3. S.D. Park, S.W. Lee, S. Kang, I.C. Bang, J.H. Kim, H.S. Shin, D.W. Lee, and D.W. Lee, “Effects of nanofluids containing graphene/graphene-oxide nanosheets on critical heat flux”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 023103, 2010
4. I.C. Bang and J.H. Kim, "Thermal-fluid characterizations of ZnO and SiC nanofluids for advanced nuclear power plants", Nuclear Technology, Vol. 170. Apr. 2010, Pages 16-27.
5. I.C. Bang, G. Heo, Y.H. Jeong and S. Heo, "An Axiomatic Design Approach of Nanofluid-Engineered Nuclear Safety Features for Generation III+ Reactor", Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Volume 41, Number 9, 2009, Pages 1157-1170
6. I.C. Bang, G. Heo, “An axiomatic design approach in development of nanofluid coolants”, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 29, Pages 75-90, 2009
7. I.C. Bang, J. Buongiorno, L.W. Hu, H. Wang, “Measurement of Key Pool Boiling Parameters in Nanofluids for Nuclear Applications”, JSME Journal of Power and Energy Systems, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2008


Patents (selected)
1. “Rotating mixing vane attached to nuclear fuel rod spacer grid”, Korean patent no. 10-0456500
2. “Plasma core cooling device and fusion reactor”, Korean patent no. 10-0871286




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